The Greatest Game ever Played

By Coleman Swierc

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - It was a football game that would never end.

"You kept thinking that you had a chance to win it, and they had a chance, and it kind of went both ways," said Jacksonvill head coach Steve Wells.

Wells can smile, after 5 1/2 hours, his Indians helped make national history.

An 84-81 win over Nacogdoches, in 12 overtimes.

"It is a once in a lifetime situation you feel like," said Wells, "I hope that I never have to go through another 12 overtime game again."

Across the sidelines, Dragons head coach Scott ford believes it never should have happened.

"I am not pleased that we had to play a 12 overtime game because of a rule that we the athletics director and coaches adopted," said Ford.

Ford was one of three coaches who voted against the current tie breaker system, one that forced his team to win by 8 to keep playoff hopes alive.

It also forced his team, on several occasions, to let the Indians score, forcing overtime after overtime.

"you don't ever want to see the other team score, but we know, we realized that is what we had to do," said Nacogdoches quarterback Damian Johnson.

"With us losing our quarterback with a concussion in the 12th overtime, and a receiver separating his shoulder in the 11th overtime," said Ford, "I just hope it is something we change in the future."

"Normally is does not turn out the way it turned out on friday," said Well, "But in that case and that scenario, it took a while to decide it."

The result, a football game you may never see again.

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