A Better East Texas: Severe Weather Coverage

The rough weather we had last week had a lot of people talking and quite a few emailing and contacting me about the extensive weather coverage our team presented. If you remember, it was a Sunday night with some very popular programs on KLTV and the entire lineup was pre-empted because of the threatening weather. Some folks could not understand why we pre-empted the network programming to bring wall to wall weather coverage. Well I wanted to take a minute and just remind everyone that severe weather is serious business. On Sunday night a week ago we had a string of Tornado Warnings from the National Weather Service. That means that tornados had formed or were forming and you just can't track a tornado that could be hopping from street to street with an occasional crawl or weather cut-in. It was an on-going and very dangerous situation. Our weather team stayed with the storms until they had lessened in intensity or left the viewing area. We heard from many of you that were thankful for that coverage. Know that we have a responsibility for covering a huge part of the Lone Star State.  I don't like program interruptions anymore than anyone else, but when my friends and loved ones are threatened then I am comforted when Mark Scirto and Grant Dade are there every minute and hopefully that makes for a Better East Texas.