911 caller: 'Oh my god, she's dead'

Randal William Benton
Randal William Benton

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - As employees of a Summerville restaurant watched a man shoot a woman in the restaurant's parking lot, the 911 calls released Monday afternoon shed light on the chaotic situation.

"This girl is dead! She's dead. Oh my god, she's dead," one witness said to dispatchers.

In the background, other people in the restaurant could be heard screaming and crying as the caller relayed information about the shooter and the incident.

"She's not moving," he said.

Police believe Randal William Benton, 47, shot and killed his estranged wife Treva Benton outside the Perkins Restaurant on Trolley Road. Benton was captured several hours away in Phoenix City, Ala., Sunday morning by authorities there.

According to the police report, employees of the restaurant watched a dark-colored SUV pull into the parking lot. One employee told police she could see the Bentons arguing inside the vehicle. The employee and the restaurant's manager approached the vehicle and saw Mr. Benton pull out a handgun and shoot Mrs. Benton, the report states.

The witnesses said they watched as Mrs. Benton tried to flee the vehicle and crawl to safety while her husband continued shooting her. The employee told police she thought there were as many as eight shots fired.

Then Mr. Benton turned the gun on the employee and the manager, saying, "You better get inside now." Benton fled the scene.

Police had asked for the public's help locating Benton early Sunday morning and he was found and arrested in Alabama before 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Police are now trying to determine whether the couple were legally separated, but they do know the two were not living together.

Summerville police have not said when Benton would be transported back to the Lowcountry.

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