Granny's Berries Receive National Attention

They're fresh, sweet and home-grown by one crazy lady. We're talking blackberries grown at the Crazy Granny Berry Farm, south of Diana, off farm to market road 3245. And these berries have a the country's most famous chef begging for more.

For the past eight years Ellen Brown, or 'Crazy Granny' as she's called by her grandchildren, has been operating a blackberry farm. It's an idea she says she got while talking to an old friend.

"I was talking to the good lord and I asked him to show us what to do with this and if he'd show us what to do with this land that we would do the foot work. Well blackberries just popped into my mind," says Ellen. Since that day the berry farm has taken off. First in Dallas distributors and chefs can't wait to get their hands on these berries. And now nationally known chef, Emeril Legasse.

"This Emeril deal that was just out of the blue. I just got a phone call from this broker that is real good friends with him and he's out of Dallas. And he hunted us down and that's how it got started and he flew them to Emeril and they want more," says Emeril.

So what's so special about Crazy Granny's blackberries? They're organic, even using garlic to keep the bugs away. But most importantly to Ellen, this farm has become a part of her life.

"We've laughed out here, we've cried out here, we've bled out here we sweat out here, but we wouldn't change a minute of it," says Ellen.

Ellen has already shipped some of her blackberries to Emeril Legasse's restaurant. She says she's expecting to sell him more within the next couple of weeks. If you'd like to visit the Crazy Granny Berry Farm call Ellen at area code (903) 663-5842.

Amy Tatum reporting.