Power of Prayer: Olivia Nolley

"From the day Olivia was born, first I called her my angel. From the day she was born, she was a baby, a toddler, a child, a pre-teen that always wanted to please," remember's Olivia's mother Judy Nolley.

For her first ten years Olivia Nolley was just like most other little girls. She like to play with friends. Spend time with her dog Jasmine and most of all she always had a love of family and a love for her God.

"She was just that type of a child. She had a heart for God and a heart for living like Christ. And it was evident at a very young age," says Judy.

A few months after her 10th birthday Olivia would start to have some problems writing at school.  Things changed quickly.  Doctors began tests and found a mass on her spinal chord.She would head to Dallas for consultation three days later. But on that morning she could not walk. 13 hours later after emergency surgery doctors would remove 90 percent of a malignant tumor, but Olivia would leave the hospital paralyzed form the shoulder down.

"You are just devastated at first," says Judy. "And you know that there is nothing you can do but He can do everything. So in faith there is just not a decision its just almost, almost an automatic because everything is possible through God. And He controls it all and He knows our days here on earth and He controls that. And so all we can do is go to Him."

It was just 18 months earlier that husband and father Stan Nolley died from a seizure that followed surgery for a brain tumor too.

"It felt like the end of the world, kind of. We had lost her dad just about 18 months before that, suddenly, and a then that happened and its just very devastating. When its your child you just can't imagine. Their your world and you want to do everything to protect them and make things the best for them. And so its very difficult," says Judy

The past year has been a test for Judy and Olivia. Friends have made the days easier to bear. Not just with their prayers but also providing constant things for her to look forward to. An outing to Texas A&M where she got to me Reveille.

Then just a few weeks ago, the Grace Community football team made her honorary captain. She led the team on the field and helped with the coin toss.

"Making her honorary captain and playing the game for her. I mean all of it... it gives her things to look forward too. And it reminds us how much she has been loved. And how many lives her life is touching," says Judy.

But it is at home that Olivia and Judy spend a lot of their time together. Her room painted by friends and covered with the stuffed animals she loves so much. It is here they have become closer to each other and closer to God.

It has never been easy.

Olivia's diagnosis would leave the ordinary with little hope. But this mother and daughter say they have learned and lived with extraordinary hope and faith through the power of prayer.

"Although I still pray for what I want, that's God's miracle of healing... I pray for His will and I pray for His peace and I pray for His understanding. That I know may not come till I stand face to face with Him one day. It would make it easier now...but there are some things we just won't know until we stand face to face with Him," says Judy.

"And there were times that I just, I did get angry.. and I, I questioned you know... And then I would remember that nothing is to big for Him. There is nothing that He cannot do and trust in that and trust that she is in His arms every single day. And I have had so many people remind me that He loves her more than I do, which is hard to imagine but I know that it is true.

"I couldn't face each day if He wasn't there. People keep saying your so strong you kind of get tired of hearing it.. cause I'm not strong but I have a strength that I don't know that only comes from Him."

Clint Yeatts, East Texas News