More resignations at Noonday Volunteer Fire Department

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

NOONDAY (KLTV) - Just one day after the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department chief resigned, another officer and firefighter have also handed in resignations.

Gary Aarant has stepped down as assistant fire chief, but will remain a firefighter. And Travis Barnett has resigned completely from the department.

Both were accused of using their vehicles to prevent a repo man from leaving a car dealership after repossessing another fireman's car last week.

Barnett has since apologized to the repo man, and he says that apology was accepted. Barnett tells KLTV 7 that he arrived to the incident very late, and did not hinder the repo man in any way. Barnett says that the repo man agrees with that account, and also says the other firemen should be disciplined if they're in the wrong.

"If they did do what they're accused of, that was wrong," Barnett said. "They probably know it was wrong, and they need to be disciplined for it."

Barnett says he hopes that his resignation is temporary, and once a final outcome is reached, he'll be able to return to the department.

Jonathan McLish has been named the new interim chief of the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department. He had already been serving as a lieutenant.

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