How old is too old to trick-or-treat?

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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Kids over the age of 12 in Belleville, Illinois, could face a fine or even jail time if they're caught trick-or-treating. The town made the law because some citizens said the older trick or treaters scared them. So the question is: At what age should you stop trick or treating?

Claretha McCowan loves trick-or-treaters, but not all of them.

"I would hate to see a grown person come to my door. I'll be thinking he's going to rob me or something," McCowan said.

Like McCowan, others feel there's a time to put trick-or-treating behind you.

"11, 12, 13 tops," Judy Skidmore said.

"I really think after 14 or maybe after middle school," Shirley Phillips said.

"I figure when a kid gets 16 or 17 that's old enough," Wanda Whittington said.

"After 25, it's for kids and you need to keep it for kids," Brandon Harris said.

Richard Taylor said the treats aren't just for kids.

"I really think it's appropriate for anyone to do trick-or-treating," Taylor said. "It's fun and happy. I believe trick-or-treating is good for everybody."

Tayler said he plans to hit the streets this Halloween.

"I have this gangster costume that I'm going to wear," Taylor said.

But not everyone likes dressed-up adults knocking on their door. Phillips has had a bad experience.

"They [older trick-or-treaters] wouldn't leave and we had to call the police," Phillips said.

"It does make me nervous, I think, and that's usually when I start turning off my porch light when they start coming by," Skidmore said.

Wanda Whittington welcomes the older trick or treaters, and their juvenile pranks.

"They can come wrap my house, I don't care. I'll just take it to the bathroom, take it off of the trees and put it in the bathroom," she said.

While most agree there's a time to grow up, there are some people who feel trick-or-treating is a lifelong tradition.

"It's something I did as a little boy," Taylor said. "It's something that's inside of me. It's tradition and I love it, it makes me happy."

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