A Better East Texas: TISD Bond - Vote No

Grassroots America – We the People just gave Tyler ISD Officials a Failing Grade on Facility Planning.  Documents from Tyler ISD's website prove the points we've been making about the District's ill-conceived and badly-timed 145 million dollar bond package.

We looked at the facts and discovered that 50% of the new Elementary Schools from the 2004 & 2008 Bond Elections & one of the schools in the November Bond Package will be at capacity or overcrowded in less than five years!   That's 8 out of 16 elementary schools – that will once again need portables! That is unacceptable!  This gives us no choice but to give Tyler ISD a FAILING grade. We simply can no longer trust the direction TISD's leaders are taking us. TISD officials and the Vote Yes Committee are asking taxpayers to just trust the district again and approve 145 million dollars more debt.

With climbing national, state, and local debt, we just can't afford local elected officials who act like Congress.

We need elected officials who pay attention to the details so we don't have to pay for multi-million dollar mistakes.

Vote NO on this bad school bond plan.  Let's get it right and that will make for "A Better East Texas".