Gregory Bigg's Family Craves A Return to Normalcy

Chante Mallard will spend the next 50 years in prison for letting Gregory Biggs die in her car windshield nearly two years ago.

Bigg's mother, Meredith Biggs, heard some of the gruesome details surrounding her son's death for the first time during trial, and says it took a toll on her emotionally.

Bigg's returned to her East Texas home following Friday's sentencing. While the Bigg's family is rejecting media interviews, Meredith Biggs told Channel 7 she felt a sense of release when the sentence was read.

Biggs said she would have been dissatisfied with anything less than 50 years, but added she knew too little about the legal process to judge the outcome.

On her feelings toward Mallard, Bigg's replied, the family has forgiven her. However, there's one though that keeps Biggs up at night. She says Mallard will get to see her family again when they visit her in jail...but they will never get the chance to see Gregory on earth again.

Kerri Panchuk reporting.

Meredith Biggs says the family wants little to do with the public hysteria surrounding the case. They just want a return to normalcy.