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Restaurant Report: 3 restaurants totaling 85 demerits

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Two Tyler restaurants and one Longview restaurant get poor scores in the latest round of health inspections.

Coyote Sam's Bar and Grill

5424 Old Jacksonville Highway, Tyler

Permit Suspended

Roaches (young and old—dead and alive) found near the dishwasher, storage area, walls and ceiling (unclean/insect)

Droppings found inside plastic wrap box and near microwave (unclean)

Coleslaw, potato salad, cheese, chicken strips not kept cold enough & baked potatoes not kept hot enough (thermometer)

Cell phone found right on top of the cutting board (unclean)

Drink mix stored in same ice customers were drinking (unclean)

One hand washing sink was missing (hand washing)

Total Demerits: 41

 Taqueria El Lugar #7

18683 Spur 364, Tyler

Cheese, green salsa had to be thrown out (thermometer)

Hand washing procedures not being followed (hand washing)

Cooked beef missing date marks (danger)

Total Demerits: 27

Magic China

1903 Gilmer Rd., Longview

Cooked Egg rolls & rice improperly cooled (thermometer)

Eggs were too warm and had to be discarded(thermometer)

Open drinks were left on prep tables(un clean)

Utensils not properly sanitized(un clean)

Total demerits: 17


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