UPDATE: Noonday Fire Chief resigns


NOONDAY, TX (KLTV) - The Chief of the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department has resigned, after what he calls questionable actions of some of his firefighters.

Chief Dave Timmons says he will not work with firefighters who can not take something seriously, when they need do.

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Posted October 28, 2010:

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

NOONDAY, TX (KLTV) - They're the public servants who volunteer their time to keep other's out of harm's way. Fire fighters share a tight brotherhood, but now an East Texas man says it may have gone too far.

Last week a group of Noonday Volunteer Fire Fighters tried to keep a fellow workers truck from being repossessed in a surprising manner.

"We've been in the middle of everything," said a repo man who asked to remain anonymous. "After 20 years, we've lost vehicles, we've been assaulted."

He added one more to the list last Tuesday night.

"[We had] basic papers to repossess a vehicle...we found him as a volunteer firefighter." said the repo man.

The fire fighter's name was James Broome, a noon day volunteer fire fighter, who according to the repo agent was 3 months behind on a car payment. An afternoon visit to the department for his truck was unsuccessful. The repo agent said the trouble started when they returned for the truck a second time. Using a spare set of keys they left for the dealership but didn't make it inside. The agent says he faced four firefighters, Travis Barrett, Martin Roache, James Broome, and Assistant Fire Chief Gary Aarent, who allegedly blocked the entrance of Glaspie Auto.

"It was an aggressive hostile situation," said the agent."They're in my face hollering, screaming 'you weren't going to come back, you weren't going to take it,' you know I'm just doing my job."

For the past week, Noonday Fire Chief Dave Timmons has tried to find the facts.

"I've got multiple people telling me multiple stories." said Timmons. "The pictures show that we had a couple individuals in the drive way, they do not show our command vehicle blocking any drive way."

Timmons says the sheriff's report hasn't been much help either. It states the agent hitched the truck to his wrecker, when both parties say otherwise. Broome claims he thought the truck was stolen, leaving the chief and a repo man with plenty of unanswered questions.

"I hope the community don't have to depend on this kind of behavior to protect them but time will tell," said the repossession agent.

Noonday Fire Chief Dave Timmons did tell us an internal investigation is looking into the incident. He says the fate of the four firefighters involved will be known by next week and stresses a station vehicle will never again be used in a personal matter

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