Ranger fans get fired up for World Series Game One

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

The Texas Rangers first trip to the World Series kicked off tonight in San Francisco, and baseball fans came out of hiding.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Tyler was packed with Texas fans, including lifelong fan Jennifer Moss of Whitehouse. She says there have been a lot of rough years to root for the Rangers.

"Very hard, because they've been up and down," Moss said. "But I'm really excited that they're here."

Ditto for Lake Palestine resident Tom Campbell, who says there were good Ranger teams in the late nineties, but this one is special.

"My wife and I went for three and a half weeks of spring training to follow them," Campbell said. "We're sitting here at game one, we're going to game three in Arlington. Can't wait!"

Campbell says the best part of this Ranger run is that there's finally something for baseball fans to cheer about.

"There's a lot more baseball fans out there than you think," Campbell said. "And we're fixing to throw something on the Giants, and bring home a world championship. Go rangers!"

Hailey Hargrave of Brownsboro has been a Ranger fan...

"...since like birth," Hargrave said. "I was born a Rangers fan."

She may be one of the few people in Texas who doesn't care about football.

"Everyone's always going on about the Cowboys," Hargrave said. "The Rangers are the underdogs now, and they're finally getting to do their thing, and go out, and win."

But at the same table with Hargrave is an admitted Ranger "bandwagon" fan.

"I'm mainly a Red Sox fan," said Brandon Noble of Bullard. "But I started liking the Rangers more, as they started getting into the playoffs, and winning more."

Even with all the Ranger love in the room, there was one person who doesn't have her antlers on. Phaedra Hill is from Northern California, and has been rooting for the Rangers all through the playoffs. Just for a different reason.

"No, I was actually hoping that they'd play Texas so we could win," Hill said. That's when I rooted for Texas."

The Rangers lost game one of the World Series 11-to-7. The series will move to Arlington for game three on Saturday, October 30th.

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