Costumes for moms that aren't, well, you know

By Jena Johnson - bio | email | Twitter

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- It's the dilemma moms face every year: Dressing up for Halloween without looking like ... well, you know. As challenging as it may seem, moms say there is a trick to finding a costume that's perfect for moms.

3-year-old Eden knows exactly what she wants to be for Halloween.

"Fairy princess," Eden said.

Now onto the more challenging part: Finding her mom, Crystal Tannery, the perfect costume. This Halloween, Tannery is letting little Eden be the brains behind her costume.

"I didn't want anything trashy or showing too much of anything, cleavage or leg anything. So, I thought cute little matching mommy and baby fairies," Tannery said.

It's an idea that costume store employees say is popular with moms who have younger children. Moms we spoke with said they want to steer clear of these skimpy costumes.

"Stay away from the mid-drift baring outfits and the high heels," Tannery said.

"We're looking for mom costumes," said Mandi Mercer. "A friend of mine is having a party for her teenager and we want to dress up, but we don't want to be really revealing."

Out of thousands of costumes, Mercer found three candidates. First she modeled an angel costume, which she found was a little too sheer for her liking. Then, she gave a witch costume a try. Finally, she modeled a Victorian princess. The one Mercer chose is a "mom favorite".

"The witch is the winner!" Mercer said.

It's complete with sleeves, a trendy purple corset and just the right length.

"You can never go wrong with a witch costume," said employee Jennifer Stegall. "They're fun. You can decorate them however you want. They can be scary, cute, fun or however you like!"

Mercer said finding her mom costume was a little tricky, but worth her time.

"You have to dig, but it's possible to find them," she said.

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