Cell phone app tracks sex offenders

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The countdown to Halloween has begun, but before you go door to door for candy it's important to know just whose handing out the tricks or treats. A new cell phone app promises to do just that by letting you check houses as you go.

Abigail Hernandez is preparing for her first Halloween as the parent of a future cookie monster, who also goes by Jeremiah.

"I'm real protective of him, real protective," said Abigail, who's uneasy about whose behind some of the doors in her neighborhood. "You know I could be looking at a person and he could be a sex offender and we don't even know."

Now just in time for trick or treating, BeenVerified.com's sex offender tracker. The $2 dollar cell phone app combines offender data with GPS to create a safety radar.

"I have three little kids and it's a concern and I've looked up sex offenders online before." said mother of three Sharie Edman.

For years people have been able to check sex offender addresses online but BeenVerified.com takes it a step further with what they call augmented reality where your phone sees what you see and gives you up to date information on the location of any sex offender.

The app is also adjustable letting you choose search range. When you click on "List View" pictures are accompanied by offender's conviction letting mom's like Sharie steer clear.

"Just the fact that I can hold it in my hand and hold my kids hand...I really feel like I'm keeping them safe," said Sharie.

While the app is very useful we did find when used on android phones it had a tendency to unexpectedly close.

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