A Better East Texas: Wet-Dry Responsibility

Several communities in east Texas will have some form of wet-dry elections on the ballot in November. East Texans are deeply divided on this issue but it is hard to argue that there is significant tax revenue to municipalities if wet-dry measures pass. But the argument can also be made that there are a host of issues that rise up when a community goes wet. But stop for a moment and look at the root of why there might be a need to placing an issue like this in front of voters. It gets down to a lack of economic development. If these governing bodies would work to be more effective in business retention, expansion and new business recruitment then issues like a wet-dry vote are muted. No matter how these votes turn out it is still the role of government to have a plan to grow the economy in their jurisdiction. Relying on a consumption tax to fund government activities is not a long term solution. Voters in these communities cannot let their city council or county court rest. There is no magic bullet in growing a community's revenue and holding elected officials accountable will make for a Better East Texas.