Former Texas Governor son's body identified

By Sara Story - bio | email

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The body found buried in a shallow grave in Henderson County has been confirmed as Gill Clements, the son of former Texas Governor, Bill Clements. Henderson County authorities found the body Saturday on Warren Granger's property, just a day after Granger reportedly shot at officers with an assault rifle, forcing them to shoot and kill him.

Neighbors said Clements owns the land surrounding Grangers property. "He owned quite a bit of land around there. When something come available, he was buying the land. He [Clements] wanted to buy the man's property, but I don't think he [Granger] wanted to sell it," said Donald Roseberry, one of Granger's neighbors.

Roseberry said Granger owned many guns and was not afraid to use them.  "When I would walk down that way, if he was out in the pasture working on the fence or something, he would go to his truck and get his AK 47 out and put it on his shoulder," said Roseberry.

Granger used an assault riffle to threaten Henderson County Sheriff's Deputies, prompting officials to bring an armored vehicle in from Tyler for protection.

"As you can see, the suspect fired numerous rounds at the vehicle, protecting our officers and the officers at the scene," said Don Martin, a Tyler Police officer, as he pointed at bullet holes and shattered glass in the armored vehicle.

Authorities say Granger fired 40 rounds at officers before he was shot and killed. Deputies then searched his property and found Clement's wallet, jewelry, and a body. "It has been confirmed to be Mr. Clements," said Sheriff Ray Nutt. The Sheriff adds that the cause of death has not been confirmed, but evidence leads him to believe the former governor's son was killed by gun shot.

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