Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Sodomy Law

A Texas law against sodomy is being struck down by the Supreme Court, as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. The 6-to-3 vote signals a major shift for the court. Seventeen years ago, the justices ruled that states could punish homosexuals -- for what was referred to as "deviant sex." The case is seen as a victory over a state's ability to criminalize what goes on behind closed bedroom doors of consenting adults.

Wesley Beard of the East Texas Gay and Lesbian Alliance agrees. "I think it was a real shock, it was a clear statement of the government overstepping the rights of individuals -- that they completely invaded these people's privacy.  They were invaded in the privacy of their own homes when these people were charged with this law."

State attorneys argued that Texas has an interest in promoting the institutions of marriage and family -- and communities have the right to choose their own standards.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.