East Texans survey storm damage

By Sara Story - bio | email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - East Texans spent Sunday picking up pieces from Saturday night's storm.

The wave of storms made a lot of noise, damaging homes and structures across the region.

Lenette Wygal was still shaken as she studied the wreckage left behind by Saturday night's storms. "I came out and seen that," said Wygal as she pointed to her metal roof in her front yard. "I called my friend and told him, 'My roof's in the front yard," said Wygal.

Wygal says the damage happened just after 10:30p.m. on Saturday. "I kept hearing the rumbling when I was in bed starting to go to sleep. When my dog started barking, I jumped up and grabbed my flashlight and hauled him in there and jumped in the closet," said Wygal.

North of Wygal's house, the Tackett family in Gresham was left with their own mess. Strong winds knocked a large tree down in their front yard, just feet away from their front door. "My husband had come outside for just a few minutes just to kind of check things out. The wind got really gusty, and he heard a loud noise and then the tree fell," said Darleen Tackett.

The storms left their mark on families like the Tackett and etched their way into Wygal's memory. "It's going to take me a while. Anytime the wind blows and the trees go like this and there's lightning, I freeze," said Wygal.

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