Web site ranks East Texas city for divorces

Tyler (KLTV) - thedailybeast.com is a news and opinion web site published by a former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.  And they say Tyler ranks as the 45th city in the country with divorces per capita.

The daily beast says in 2010, the divorced population in Tyler is almost 12%. And in 2009, more than 3% of the population got a divorce.

Marriage counselor Dr. Wade French says at first he was surprised to hear those statistics, but says they make sense.

"You do notice Monday morning when you look at your appointment book and you're starting to see more and more couples than individuals," Dr. French said.

Dr. French said in his 16 years in the business, he's counseled thousands of couples. He says right now it's easy for a marriage to be on the rocks.

"Stress is increasing, we've had these economic events," Dr. French said.

Pastor Danny Snell admits these are trying times. But with a church at nearly every corner, he says Tyler's ranking is shocking.

"I think that you would expect that people who live in a bible belt area like we do to have a higher rate of successful marriages," Snell said. "Tyler is an affluent place, and I think if you look at some statistics for highly affluent cities then maybe that would play a role in how easily it is to move on to something that they might see as greener pastures."

Dr. French hopes couples thinking about marriage will take his advice.

"Open your eyes and look, because what you see is what you're going to get."

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