Asthma Camp

Scouring the woods, making crafts, playing games. It's the perfect combination for summer camp. But Camp Tyler isn't housing your ordinary summer camp.

It's UT Health Center's asthma camp. Everyone there has asthma. For kids, living with it can be scarry.

"Sometimes you are running, and you don't even feel it and you start breathing real hard," says 10 year old Dustin.

Eight year old BreAnna describes an asthma attack this way.

"They're like ... It's kind of like you are drowning in water and all the water is in your mouth and stuff -- that's what it feels like."

But at camp, these kids don't have to worry about an attack and they get to do things they never imagined they could.

"For once I got to ride me a horse. I have never gotten to do that before," explains 10 year old Aaron.

Their days are full of fun and games with a purpose.

"Instead of having to sit out and listen all the time we play games to educate ourselves," says Aaron.

"They have taught me how to control my asthma attacks and how to do a lot of stuff so you don't get asthma attacks," says BreAnna.

At asthma camp, all the kids understand one another, and they're learning to manage their disease while having fun.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.