Mom finds roach in daughter's food

By Melanie Ruberti - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ten-month-old Hadley Udinsky eats almost everything that's put in front of her. But fortunately, that wasn't the case on Monday. Cindy put Hadley in her high chair, and was about to give her a cereal bar from a box of Gerber Cereal Twists. "I opened up the package, ripped open the bar, and a roach crawled out and up my arm," Cindy said.

Yes, the uninvited guest, a roach, was still alive in the cereal bar package. And that's not all Cindy found. "So, I caught the roach and put him in a baggie, and then I examined the packaging that it was in," explained Cindy, And there was a black blob in the corner. And I said, 'That's feces!'"

Cindy says she immediately called the Gerber company." I dumped them out, and it was 21. I counted them for Gerber. It was 21 roach feces," Cindy remembered. "I said, 'I have legs, I have arms,' and I said 'I have the body.' It shocked me! Because it's not like it landed on the floor. It crawled up me. And I don't do roaches," Cindy laughed.

She also called the Walmart on Montgomery Cross Road, where she bought the cereal twists."They had not heard from Gerber on Monday," Cindy said," On Tuesday, it was still on the shelves at Walmart. I called the manager on Tuesday. He did not know about my call on Monday. He said he would have them removed. He had still not heard from Gerber as of last night," she explained.

On Wednesday, when WTOC went by the same Walmart store on Montgomery Crossroad, those same kind of Gerber cereal twists were still on the store's shelves. When we asked the manager about it, he said they couldn't comment.

WTOC also called the Gerber company. They said they would get back to us. As of Wednesday evening, they still haven't returned our phone calls.

Hadley had already eaten two bars out of the box with no problems. But Cindy refuses to open the remaining three cereal bars. "I'm now trying to figure out what can I feed her," said Cindy. "I'm tearing up pieces of bread, I'm doing natural fruit, I just cut them up in to really small pieces. We're doing anything other than Gerber right now."

And right now, that's all that lines her shelves and cabinets for Hadley. " I don't know what I'm going to do with them! I don't feel safe feeding them to her," Cindy said.

And while Hadley may not remember her brush with bugs, Cindy definitely will.

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