Tornados Rip Through Four State in Northern Plains

One tornado after another twisted though the northern plains country side on Tuesday.  Storm chasers caught a three funneled system in Southern Minnesota. The town of Buffalo Lake was right in the path.

While the Buffalo Lake water tower was spared, Zion Lutheran Church was not as lucky. The storm ripped half of the roof off the newly renovated sanctuary.

Wednesday, Governor Tim Pawlenty toured the tornado torn town, promissing to help rebuild. "We're trying to find all the paperwork to get assistance from the federal government as best we can and then we're going to have to take in partnership with the locals and the private insurers to help take the necessary steps to get the town rebuilt."

Minnesota wasn't the only state hit. In all, 54 warnings were issued in Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. In one South Dakota twister, a massive funnel was caught on video tape just as it approached the town of Manchester. In the aftermath, almost every building the tiny town was leveled. Residents Wednesday picked soaked clothing out from underneath splintered lumber and overturned cars.

More tornados could be possible as the system continues to move towards the east.

Stephen Parr, reporting.