Protection Against Summer Heat

With summer, the temperatures and humidity will be in the mid-to-upper 90's everyday, and if you're not used to working out side it can be dangerous. Channel 7's doctor Ed Dominguez says "You want to watch for things such as becoming light headed, you begin to feel warm your legs begin to feel a little bit weak, you're sweating a lot. These are the things you'll begin to notice as heat exhaustion."

After a quick weigh-in at a doctors office, I joined a landscaping crew for a day to see what effects working in the heat would have on me. Something that the company's owner is very aware of with his employees. After 20 minutes I was already feeling the effects, as every pore in my body seemed to start sweating. An hour into work and I was drenched, my clothing soaked with sweat and I began to take frequent water breaks 2 hours and my muscles began to cramp, and I felt like I couldn't sweat anymore. And heat began to radiate from my skin. Weighing back in, I had lost 2-and-a-half pounds in just 3 hours of outside work. It's going to be a long summer, if you plan to work outside... work smart. Health experts say if you're going to work outside in the summer heat, wear light colored loose fitting clothing, drink plenty of water or sports drinks, use sun block , and take frequent breaks in the shade.

Bob Hallmark reporting.