What's in the water in Kilgore

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Something is in the water in Kilgore.

"To me it smells dirty, dirt for me is the easiest way to describe it," said Kilgore resident Edith Barnett. Last week Edith's dishwashing was disrupted. "It's been very frustrating you can't drink your tap water. My son won't take a bath, [I] went to run his bath water last night it was yellow.

Soon the water problem spread downtown to Nanny Goats Cafe. "It tasted like dirt, it smelled like dirt," said restaurateur Jessica Guthrie. "A lot of complaints and a lot of unhappy customers. We've had to remake the tea several times it kind of settles at the bottom, it's just not very good."

We found the reason behind the water at Kilgore's Water Treatment Plant. 'We've had complaints about the taste and odor and some of them have called it dirty water." said Kilgore Utilities Superintendent David Hackley."We had a water break on a main transmission line."

"Low water levels are often to blame for poor water quality as algae produces chemicals that have an unpleasant taste, but in this case Kilgore had a problem that was completely different."

"You get a buildup on the inside of pipes especially cast iron pipes." said Hackley.

Split between Laird Hill wells and pumps at their treatment center, Kilgore's water supply was diverted to fix the leak. With wells shut off pumps doubled their output, pushing water through unfamiliar pipes. The different water flow scraped sediment off the pipes and into faucets across the city, looking dirty, but doing little harm.

"The water is safe to drink even though it may not be palatable right now but that will change," said Hackley.

The city of Kilgore tells us both pumps are back in operation and they will continue to flush water lines until it flows particle free. They say all water should be back to normal by the end of the week.

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