Henderson Woman Providing Both Food And Acceptance For Needy

Going hungry just so her children could eat is not a memory Patsy Louvire will ever forget. In fact it's a memory she's turned into her life's mission. Patsy believes a little food and a lot of love can change a life.

A hug and a smile is how Patsy Louvire greets everyone who comes into the Henderson Food Bank.

Four years ago Patsy and her husband began using their social security/disability check to provide food for the needy. They sale clothes for a one dollar to help buy more food. Patsy says she learned to care for the needy by being one who was in need.

"In 1975 my husband was working off shore and he had an accident off shore and for five years he was a human vegetable," says Patsy.

Patsy was now in charge of providing for her husband and two young children. Not eligible for food stamps because she had a car, Patsy swallowed her pride and turned to a local food pantry.

"When I walked in they just looked at me like I was trash. They took all of my dignity, all of my pride away, I was so embarrassed I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me."

Patsy took her experiences to create a loving environment at her own her food bank. Lou Sanchez comes to the food bank once a month to get food for her and her son. She says the food bank helps her make it paycheck to paycheck.

"It really helps me and my son out a real lot coming and get the food that we need from one month to the next," says Lou.

Over 950 families came for help just last month. That's more than ever before. Patsy says not as many are making food donations. But she says, she'll make sure there is always food here for those who need it.

If you'd like to make a cash or food donation to the Henderson Food Bank, you can call area code 903-657-8495.

Amy Tatum reporting