GM recalls 254,000 Saturn L's

NEW YORK - About 254,000 Saturn L-Series are being recalled because of ignition module and spark plug problems that could result in an under-car fire, General Motors said Tuesday.

The company said there have been seven reports of fires related to the condition but no crashes, serious injuries or fatalities.

GM said the recall affects 240,000 of the 2000-2003 models of the cars sold in the United States. Another 14,000 were sold in Canada.

The company added that there are warning signs to alert owners that their Saturns may have the module and spark plug condition.

A driver would notice that the vehicle may be hard to start, that the overall power of the engine is reduced, and that there is a change in the idle quality. The "Service Engine Soon" light would be flashing, and there could be noticeable exhaust noise.

GM said it plans to notify owners of affected vehicles beginning in late July, instructing them to bring them to their Saturn dealers. The replacements and reprogramming will be performed at no cost to the customers.