2-year-old who shot self to stay in foster care

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SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - A Smith County judge Friday afternoon decided that Jaden McLean, the two-year-old that shot himself in the face at his grandparent's bar, will remain in foster care for now.

While Jaden is recovering from his injuries, his parents remain in a bitter custody battle.

After listening to testimony from both of Jaden's parents, the judge decided that neither of them are fit to take care of him. For now, Jaden will stay in foster care.

Jaden's mother, Ashton Wilson, broke down in tears as the judge said visitation rights will be decided at a hearing, 60 days from now.

Both sides made serious accusations against one another and the judge said that was actually working against both parties. The judge ordered Ashton Wilson and Dustin McLean to not come a mile within each other.

Jaden's mother and other family members wanted to speak with KLTV, but they can't right now. They are still under a gag order.

Jaden is still going to the doctor several times a week as he recovers. The judge said his parents are not allowed to go to those doctor visits.

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