You Asked For It - Loud Music Ordinance

You've probably experienced the problem. A car next to you in traffic is playing the radio so loud, your windows are shaking.

Mrs. Hicks from Tyler writes, "Tyler adopted a city ordinance a few years ago on playing loud music in cars. Does Tyler still have that ordinance? If they do, why isn't it enforced?" That's the topic of our "You Asked for it Report."

You pull up to a stop light, and pretty soon your whole car starts to shake. Is it engine trouble? An earthquake? No, it's just the car behind you.

Eric Hockhheim doesn't see supped up speakers as a problem. To him, it's a way of life. "I like it so loud, I can't even think about anything else. Just, have it cranked up real loud man."

Tyler's city ordinance against loud music is still in place. If it can be heard from 50 feet away, then it's against the law. But Tyler Police Officer Chris Moore says issuing tickets for every offence is easier said than heard. "If you see a bunch of cars going by, it's hard to pick one out of it. We get a lot of calls from people saying there's a noisy car going up my street. But by the time an officer can get over there, they're gone. Others, they see the cop car coming and they knock it down real quick. They knock the volume down."

Still, tickets are issued on a regular basis. There have been more than 231 citations so far this year. Eric Hockhheim knows that first hand. "They'll come up and talk to you about it and give you a ticket in a heartbeat over it. It's really high dollar stuff. And, then when you start getting tickets and everything else, it gets a lot more, you know. So, you go in the hole over it, you know. But, to some people it's worth it. To me it is."

Officers are now patrolling in unmarked cars to make sure Eric and others turn down the tunes. Officer Chris Moore says police make an average of one arrest each week of people who received a ticket for loud music but failed to pay the fine.

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Stephen Parr, reporting.