Man flushes, squirrel emerges

Source: The Benton Evening News
Source: The Benton Evening News

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - A Benton, Illinois man got a shock of a lifetime when he flushed his toilet Tuesday.

"I flushed my toilet, it made a funny noise," Jeff Shockley said.  "I flushed a second time and the squirrel came up and I freaked out. I screamed and slammed the door."

Shockley says he ended up locking the bathroom door.

Apparently the maintenance man for his apartment building was in the area.

Shockley says he was able to get the door open and help remove the squirrel, which was still alive at the time.

So how did the squirrel end up in Shockley's bathroom?

"They said what happened was he was on the roof and fell through and somehow got through to the sewer," he said.

Shockley says he can laugh now about the ordeal, but adds that wasn't that case Tuesday morning.

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