Prayerful Adoption

When Dave and Cindy Robinson got married, it was their dream to have children. But for still unexplained reasons the Robinsons were never able to conceive. That's when they decided to adopt. Their first child, Mallory, was adopted the day she was born.

For ten more years, the Robinson's tried to have a child. Then..."all of sudden the phone rings and its the adoption center that we adopted Mallory through called and said they had a two year old little boy," remembers Dave Robinson

This adoption though would be much different.

Unlike their first adoption Christopher came unexpectedly. He was from a home where the father had left and there had been some exposure to abuse.

"we met with him that day and he stayed with us for a couple of days and we thought this was it. We felt that this was a unique situation that we were put here for this reason and we decided to pursue adopting Christopher," says Dave.

Back home in Tyler things seemed to go smoothly until just twenty four hours before the adoption was to become final. Christopher's biological father surfaced and wanted custody.

"You start questioning yourself, each other... You start asking God a lot of serious questions of why and like what's the deal and we weren't getting any answers and it was pretty scary," says Dave.

The Robinson's would begin fight a year long court battle to win custody of Christopher. A time they say they could have never endured without the prayers and support of their friends and church family. Especially in those final hours before a judge was to rule on Christopher's future.

"we probably had 30-40 people in our home," remembers Cindy, "we prayed for a good two hours, it was the most awesome experience I have ever experienced. It was like as they were praying our worries and grief were leaving and we had no concerns we knew that a decision was going to be made with in the next week or two and three days later we received the decision in our favor in all four counts that we had won."

It seemed the ordeal was over. But again just weeks before the adoption was to be final... "We got a phone call saying the court had overturned the case and did not terminate the parental rights of the father and for us to start preparing for another appeal to a higher court or prepare for what's called the transition period of returning the child to the state," recalls Dave.

This time the Robinson's made the phone call. They got in touch with Christopher's father and set up a first, without lawyers or judges, face to face meeting. Cindy remembers again the prayer and advice of a close friend.

"He told me that know matter what you do just remember one thing, as long as you are doing it for the Glory of God and for the right reasons, even the heart of your enemies can change right before your eyes," says Cindy.

The Robinson's took Christopher to meet his father. They talked for four hours. Many of the things they thought about each other they discovered were not the entire truth. The next day,after more than two years of court battles and thousands of dollars in legal fees and days of constant prayer, the phone rings again. This time, Christopher's father calls and tells the Robinsons he wants Christopher to stay where he their home.

"I think He took us all into his hands and he just carried us through it. And I know that doesn't make a lot of sense to some people but it was probably the first time in my life that I truly had to say I can't do it...It's Yours," says Cindy.

"Through all these experiences that we have been through," remembers Dave, "that other people got to witness I think its going to make them strong also and I think as Christian believers and as a family we can all win battles together more so than trying to do it on our own we give it to God and support each other we will all come out victorious."

"You know it's like one miracle happening after another," recalls Cindy, "and it continued to be overwhelming to be the recipient of a true miracle because it just doesn't happen the way it was happening."

But because it did happen, the Robinson's believe more today than ever before that their family is one created by strengthened through the power of prayer.

Clint Yeatts Reporting