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Big Sandy students hold vigil for deceased classmate

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

While a football game was going on just across the street, the football practice field was crowded with students, saying good-bye to Britnee Mount.

"Britnee was the happiest person that I've ever met," one student said to the gathering.

"It's just hard to see somebody I know like this go," said Chelsea Tellechea, a junior at Big Sandy High School, and a friend of Britnee's. "I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it, and neither did anybody else."

Tellechea says when a tragedy like this happens, the students are too close to one another to not do something like this.

"I think it just goes to show how big of a family, and how close we really are," Tellechea said. "And I think it's going to wake people up a little bit."

But it wasn't just Britnee's school family in the field tonight. Her grandparents were there, and say it's no surprise reaction to Britnee's death is this strong.

"This community here is just showing, and giving back what she gave them," said Roger Mount, Britnee's grandfather.

But prayers aren't only being offered for Britnee tonight. The other student involved, Ashley Williamson, sits in a jail cell, and most of the kids at the vigil know her too.  

"I know she's gotta be pretty tough to handle all this," Tellechea said. "It must be hard for her though."

"I can definitely tell you our whole family is praying for Ashley," Roger Mount said. "She needs God's help too."

One person absent from the vigil tonight was Ashley's father. Corey Williamson told us tonight that he's known some members of Britnee's family for years, and wants to give them time to mourn.

Williamson hasn't spoken to Ashley since her arrest, but he described what it was like when police came for her.

"When they pulled up, I told her to start taking her jewelry off, because you're not going to be able to take it with you where you are going," Williamson said. "She started crying, but the police were very nice to her."

Williamson says he knows a lot of people are blaming his daughter, and says she feels awful about Britnee's death. He says she is at fault, but he hopes more will be done to find out where she got the pills.

"I think she is responsible for what happened, and she needs to be held accountable in some way," Williamson said. "But I also believe that we need to pursue the matter, and find out where she got it, and find out which adult or other people may be responsible."

Investigators will continue to interview witnesses to find out exactly what happened, but Williamson says his daughter won't tell him where she got the pills.

Funeral arrangements for Britnee Mount are set for Saturday, October 16, at 1PM inside the Jarvis Christian College Chapel.

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