Report: Suspect admits to giving Big Sandy teen morphine

Photo Source: Facebook
Photo Source: Facebook

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - Tuesday, a Big Sandy High School junior died. Now, an Upshur County arrest report reveals 16-year-old Britnee Mount may have died from a possible morphine overdose. The teenager was rushed to the hospital last week. Authorities say she died from a drug overdose, Tuesday.

We are told one of Britnee's best friends, 17-year-old Ashley Williamson was arrested Wednesday for Delivery of a Controlled Substance in a Drug Free Zone. Now, investigators are working to connect the dots to determine if harsher charges are coming.

The arrest report reveals Williamson gave Mount morphine back in September. It is reported the victim suffered some sort of heart attack last Thursday. Now, the case is in the hands of the Upshur County D.A.'s Office.

"How did we go from heart attack last week, to interviewing Ms. Williamson on campus, this week?" asked KLTV reporter Layron Livingston.

"Once Ms. Mount had her medical condition, and was taken to the hospital, we learned that there could have been a connection to Ms. Williamson and drugs that were being exchanged at the school," Upshur County D.A. Billy Byrd replied.

The arrest report says Williamson was living with Rex Rozell, a Big Sandy city official. The report details how Rozell, Williamson's legal guardian, found 19 whole and three partial morphine pills in her bedroom.

He took them to the police who in turn went to the school to investigate. Williamson was interviewed, telling police she did, in fact, give the victim five morphine pills, but she denied getting anything in return.

Byrd says, at this point, that is the only crime that has been committed. "We are not saying that what that delivery caused, or was part of what caused Ms. Mount's death."

"My heart goes out to Britnee's family," said Corey Williamson, the suspect's father. "This has been hard for everyone. There needs to be more focus on where my daughter, Ashley, got the medication. That person needs to be held accountable, as well. I will keep everyone in my prayers."

"It just shows us, no matter what size community you are, we have to be more vigilant," said Big Sandy Mayor Wayne Weese, who also works with the school district and knows both girls involved. "I hope that it galvanizes the community to become more aware...more proactive."

In the meantime, investigators will continue to interview witnesses, gathering the evidence to find out exactly what happened.

Funeral arrangements for Britnee Mount are set for Saturday at 1 p.m. inside the Jarvis Christian College chapel.

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