Stressed Out? Give Yoga a Try, Study Suggests

Hollywood stars aren't the only ones raving about yoga anymore.

"I was hooked from the first class," says Paula Ray, yoga devotee.

East Texan, Paula Ray's been devoted to yoga for a year. After all what other exercise can you do with your eyes closed, the lights out and to peaceful music playing along.

"It's relaxing. Yet, it is invigorating," says Ray. "You know you feel good. You are not exhausted and you are stronger."

But, don't think for a second these ladies at Premier Fitness aren't getting a workout.

"Yoga is a type of exercise that is about breathing and movement, breathing through the different poses," says Cathrina Wilson, yoga instructor.

Cathrina Wilson says yoga's far reaching benefits have helped make it a nationwide sensation.

"You still sweat. You still get your heart rate up. You still get benefits you would get from running. It is just toned down a little bit," says Wilson.

"I mainly got into yoga for my joints," says Debbie Welch, a recent retiree and now yoga devotee. "I was having stiffness."

Fitness benefits with out the impact is what first attracted recent retiree, Debbie welch.

"I had no clue I would be so relaxed afterward, so energized afterward and basically my stress level is very, very low right now," says Welch.

Now younger girls like Ashlee, are finding stretches like the downward dog, swan dive and crocodile addictive.

"I am a dancer and in taking yoga it helps me strengthen and get balanced," says Ashlee Langas, yoga student.

Finally, the whole package, that's why these East Texans are head over heels for yoga.

Dana Dixon Reporting