Community Spotlight – Mercy Ships

Did you ever think that East Texas could become an active port for a fleet of ships? Well that is exactly the case with the Garden Valley area of East Texas and that makes Mercy Ships KLTV's Community Spotlight for October. Mercy Ships is a global ministry that utilizes a fleet, yes a fleet, of hospital ships to deliver hope and medical care to developing nations. Millions of people are in need across the globe and in many cases the most efficient way to deliver quality care and basic survival needs is by ship. Enter Mercy Ships! Doctors and medical teams volunteer their time to meet the challenges in areas of the world that have gone untouched by even basic medical advances. From Africa to Haiti, the Mercy Ships organization responds wherever there is need. In addition to addressing the physical needs of citizens in developing countries, Mercy Ships also addresses the spiritual needs of patients as well. As with many organizations that serve there is a great need for volunteers to give time and money to the cause of Mercy Ships. You can check out to find out how you can help answer the call. Mercy Ships, impacting the world from right here in East Texas and KLTV's Community Spotlight for October, making this a Better East Texas! - Bringing Hope and Healing to the world's forgotten poor.