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5/9/2003 - Lindale


When 12 year old Candace Cauthen came down with a stomach virus last November, her family thought they should go down to the emergency room just to have it checked out. "You've heard all your life, stories about how people's lives have been changed in a split second," says Candace's mother Sarah Cauthen, "and my life changed in a split second."

While at a Tyler hospital Candace had a dramatic reaction to a breathing treatment. Her heart, liver and kidneys began to shutdown. Candace's vital signs went flat more than once. That is when she was put on a helicopter and sent to Children's Hospital in Dallas. As the helicopter pulled away, the Cauthens pulled out there phone and called their friends to ask them to pray. [3:30-3:45, Ken Cauthen] "All the things you believe and know, they are still with you but at that moment," remembers Candace's father Ken Cauthen, "to be honest, your scared like anybody else. Your going through the same emotions and fear...and if we had not had people praying for us, they prayed for us when we could not pray for ourselves."

At Children's things did not improve much. Two days later Doctors told the Cauthens they wanted to take what the called drastic measures. "I walked to the window where I always stood and talked to people, praying for Candace and getting the word out. Calling three or four people again the word went out in just a few minutes, the calls multiplied," says Ken. "We had hundreds of people praying for Candace, specifically right then. Doctors come in about an hour and a half later and said we don't know what happened but Candace made it through the deal and she's doing a lot better, we are going to be able to take care of her."

As Candace began to improve, the Cauthens attention were drawn to the people around them who had seen so many people praying. "These people would walk up to them and start saying would you please pray for my baby," says Sarah, "so I just knew how much pain these people had to be experiencing going for months and months without any prayers."

"As Candace began to make a recovery, and we started to take a deep breath God was already planting the seed," remembers Ken, "I don't want any person to have to ever go through what we went through alone."

That seed has now grown to produce a new web site that went on online in May of 2003. is designed to provide prayer support for people in time of crisis. On the web site, people can register to become a kind of cyber-prayer warrior. People with an immediate crisis can call a toll free number and have their prayer request sent out to the Prayer Team Partners. "The requests, there are so many things you can pray for there are all kinds of medical needs but what we wanted to do was design a system," says Ken, "the key words we use are is urgent and life threatening and so that's kind of been the guideline we've been using to put it into the system for folks who need it immediately."

Those who need immediate help will also be over nighted a back-pack that will provide some of the essentials a family needs during an unexpected hospital emergency. But the main focus of Prayerteam4Kids is to recruit thousands of prayer warriors and churches to help those who have know one else to turn too, because in the end, through their experience, the Cauthens believe that it was the prayers of others that saved their little girl.

"I know that God heard every single prayer," says Sarah, "we needed every single prayer."

Clint Yeatts Reporting.

**Editors Note:

On the main Power of Prayer page we have provided a link to the Prayerteam4kids web site.

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