Die hard Ranger fans celebrate

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -   Brent Horton paid 8.50 for his first Rangers ticket in 1983.  He's paying a little extra to see the Rangers host the Yankees Friday night.

"I can't wait" said Horton.  "I'm counting the days until Friday night. There's nothing like postseason baseball."

It's been a long wait for die hard fans like Horton and fellow Ranger fanatic George Roberts.

"I went to my first Rangers game in August of 1974 when I started college in Dallas," said Roberts.  "I have followed the Rangers through thick and thin, and a lot of thin."

Roberts has caught hundreds of Ranger games.  He was even spotted on Fox Sports Net catching a foul ball with his son's little league team at the Ball Park in Arlington. Nothing could match the high Roberts felt Tuesday night.

"It was just ecstasy is the best way you can say it," said Roberts. "It was just a neat experience."

Horton wasn't sure he'd ever see the day.

"I had a sense it would happen, I just didn't know how old I would be," said Horton.  "I thought I was going to be like those Red Sox fans who were 80 years old and saying finally."

Now he has a new game to add to his monster collection of all time Ranger classics.

"Fan is short for fanatic," Horton, who has hundreds of Ranger games on DVD

All that's missing from the fanatics library is a Rangers World Series.

"It will be euphoria times 100," he said.

Roberts likes the Rangers chances.

"I thought when the Saints went to the Super Bowl, I said if the Saints can go to the Super Bowl, the Rangers can go to the World Series and I'm sticking with that."

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