One serious fire drill

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Aside from school fire drills, would your children know what to do if there was an actual fire at their school? Probably not. That is why members of the Longview Fire Department paid a surprise visit to the Pine Tree Intermediate School.

Firemen, along with teachers, blocked some exits during a fire alarm to teach students and teachers to be fully prepared in an event of a real fire.

"I thought it was a real fire drill and I thought the school was in danger so I asked if I could carry the bucket out because I wanted to be a big help," said Jay McClure, a third grader.

"This is important because we don't know where the fire could be in a school," said Johnny Zachary, the Longview fire marshal. "It could be any place and the normal route of exit could be blocked due to fire or other situations."

The fire department plans on making other impromptu drills at other campuses. Only principals and staff will be notified of future drills.

Fire officials say Pine Tree Intermediate scored and "A" on the drill.

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