Chandler chief of police celebrates 30 years of service

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CHANDLER, TX (KLTV) - For more than 30 years, Ron Reeves has served as Police Chief in Chandler, Texas. Tuesday, his department, friends and family wanted him to know just how much he is appreciated. KLTV was invited to his surprise party.

Somehow Chandler Police Chief Ron Reeves remained convinced the room full of people was a political forum. At least, until he walked through the side door.

"I can't express the feeling I have for the people of Chandler, the state, everybody that was involved," said Reeves. "I was not expecting this. This is a total surprise to me. I didn't do it for this. I did it because I wanted to serve the people."

Tuesday, the people served him, not just lunch, but more plaques, certificates and flags than he knew what to do with. Federal, state and local officials thanked him for his years of service, as well as some who were pulled over by his department and, of course, his family, represented by his daughter, Jessica Grumbles, and his brother, Randy Reeves.

"I have never seen him give up," said Randy Reeves. "Out of all the things that you did in our lives, I have never been more proud than I am to stand here and say I love my brother the chief of police."

"I'm very proud," added Grumbles. "I love the life that you gave us and for everybody here, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you for everything. I love you, Daddy."

Three decades to protect and to serve.

His anniversary with the department was actually in September, so Chief Reeves was genuinely surprised when he walked in the door of the Chandler Community Center.

He says the strangest thing he ever had to do during his career was leave a restaurant to go to the mayor's house and turn off a pot of beans before it caused a fire.

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