A Better East Texas: Perry needs to communicate

Recently, several newspaper editors joined forces and blasted Governor Rick Perry for ignoring their calls to meet with their editorial boards. Perry claims that he is not seeking newspaper endorsements and that the meetings would be a waste of time. He has also shunned away from a debate with Democratic candidate Bill White and he generally has not been available to have discussions on his plan for moving Texas forward. Perry is leading in the polls and he will probably get re-elected but being silent on some big issues is just not the way to truly win the support of Texans. It has been noted before that the state government will have to address the 18-billion dollar shortfall in the next legislative session which starts early next year. Do we know what the Governor's plan will be?  Listen, he can choose to talk, or not to talk to the newspaper or appear on TV or even take it to the web but he needs to take it somewhere. Texans deserve as much.  His current approach should be unacceptable with even his strongest supporters. Opening up with Texans is the responsible thing for all elected officials and it will make for a Better East Texas.