Harry Potter Mania Takes Over East Texas

At the stroke of midnight,  on Saturday June 21,  Harry Potter flies back into bookstores.  That is the official moment the latest account of his spellbinding adventures goes on sale.

Local bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Hastings and Books-A-Million are staying open late to give the crowds what they want.

Even the employees got wrapped up in the fun dressing up like characters from the beloved childrens book.

Kids, with parents in tow came, out for the special parties all of the local books stores were throwing, so they could be one of the first to get their little hands on the latest copy that is 38 chapters and 255,000 words long.

Harry Potter has become a marketing machine with products, movies, and yes the books. The first 4 books sold more than 200 million copies. Amazon.com got over one million pre orders for the latest installment of Harry Potter And The Order Of  The Phoenix. That's the largest pre-order they have ever had.