Protect Your Car

East Texans lined up today to keep their cars from being targets of car theives. Tyler police held free registration for the "Help End Auto Theft" or HEAT program. The HEAT sticker, applied to the back window, gives police probable cause to pull your car over if it's ever out between the hours of 1a.m. and 5 a.m.--- when most cars are stolen in Texas.

As long as you're the registered driver, you're free to go on your way. Folks who signed up for the HEAT program also got vehicle identification numbers etched on their windows. Officers say the presence of the VIN is a major deterrent to car theives.

"They know what VIN etching is, and when they see that VIN etching,  it will hopefully make them go on to the next vehicle because the glass is useles to them," says Detective Gary King.

In Tyler alone, about 300 cars are stolen each year. The next "HEAT' registration in Tyler will be sometime in the fall. Visits are planned to other East Texas cities as well.