Hollywood Rose Theater: Park At Your Own Risk?

A trip to a movie has been pretty costly for some East Texans. The Tyler Police Department shows the Hollywood Rose Movie Theater is the number one place for car break-ins in the city.

The Hollywood rose had 63 auto break-ins in the last year, compared to just 21 in the parking lot of Broadway square mall, 11 at the Wal-mart Supercenter and only 3 at the target next door.

We tried to find out what the theater is doing in the way of extra security, but the parent company, Wallace Theaters did not return our calls. Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle says his officers used to work off-duty security there, but not anymore. And there are reports when they did, security was told to focus on the inside rather than outside.

"In that particular case they had fallen very far behind in payment to the officers," says Chief Swindle. "The officers working that job and the management there could not work out an agreement, so it was best for all parties that we no longer work there."

But Tyler Police are working the Hollywood Rose Theater as a special project in sting and undercover auto break-in operations. Chief Swindle says he can't pinpoint one reason why the Hollywood Rose has three times the burglaries as Tyler's busy mall. He believes it is everyone's responsibility to cut down on this crime saying businesses need to step up security, people should safeguard valuables and they'll patrol on trouble spots.

Dana Dixon Reporting