School calling for 'teeing' to stop

Dalton Harris
Dalton Harris

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler ISD school officials want "teeing" to stop. That is according to a letter they posted on their website for Robert E. Lee High School parents.

Teeing is where senior boys shave the letter "T" into the freshmen students' hair, with parent approval.

Senior Alden Utz says it is tradition.

"I've been waiting for it since I was freshman when I got teed," said Utz. "We've already got the freshman looked out. Can't hide. We're coming for you."

Utz was teed as a freshman.

"I was proud of it," he said. "I was like, 'Yeah, I got teed.'"

So was his friend, Dalton Harris.

"The whole top was shaved off and just the bottom was left," said Harris. "I had a mullet."

The so-called "tradition" is not one approved by school leaders. In a letter, the school's principal asked parents to not allow their kids to participate in teeing.

Alden's mother, Ronda, says it is just a way for senior and freshman boys to bond, and nothing more.

"I think when people hear the word teeing, they think hazing and they have a negative image of that, but this is all to promote school spirit for Robert E. Lee and the boys and I don't think there needs to any concern," said Ronda Utz.

Senior Nick Tutt says parents are asked if their child can get teed. If they agree, seniors will shave the letter "T" on their child's head off-campus.

"Most parents don't mind, but there are parents occasionally that don't want it to happen and we can respect that," said Tutt.

To the seniors, getting "teed" is a form of acceptance. As for the ones that decide not to...

"Well, they don't fit in very well," said Alden Utz.

The boys insist it is a positive tradition that gives freshman something to look forward to.

"It's school spirit is what it is," said AldenUtz. "It's Raider spirit. That's just all it is...good, clean fun."

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