Sun dried tomato rolled chicken breast

Sun Dried Tomato Rolled Chicken Breast
w/ Artichoke Cream Sauce

(6 ) 6 oz. Chicken Breasts

12 oz Sliced Sun dried Tomatoes

8 oz Cream Cheese

2 Shallots

12 oz Minced Garlic

1 Qt Heavy Cream

1. Tenderize (6 oz) Chicken Breasts

2. Take 2 oz of Sun dried Tomato and Cream Cheese mix & place on the Breast and roll it up; then wrap with Bacon.

3. Place in pre-heated oven at 350* until the internal temperature is at least 165*

4. While Chicken is in the oven prepare the Artichoke Cream Sauce

5. First Sauté Shallots in a little bit of butter. Once tender add garlic. Do not burn the garlic.

6. Add heavy cream & bring to a low boil.

7. Add sliced Artichoke Hearts and reduce the sauce

8. Once Chicken is done pour the cream sauce over the Chicken & Serve