Poisonous Pesticide Spill in Longview

The driver of an Eighteen wheeler was inspecting his load at a Longview truck stop off of I-20, when he discovered the leaking pesticide.  The fire department's Haz-Mat team was called to investigate. They worked to control the leak, before taking it from the Truck Stop to a Marshall avenue Haz-Mat center.

Five area businesses surrounding the Haz-mat center were evacuated. And the threat of rain meant other areas might have had to evacuated as well... because any water would spread the chemical. Finally, crews were able to find the two cracked barrels and contain the spill.

Though several people were taken to hospitals, no one suffered any effects from the pesticide.

The truck was carrying 44-thousand gallons of Parathion, which is a pesticide that kills insects by attacking their central nervous system. And this was it's concentrated form; just inhaling a few ounces of it can kill a human being.

Bob Hallmark reporting.