A Better East Texas: Pink ribbons

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month and you have seen a lot of stories and coverage of events addressing the need to elevate the education surrounding breast cancer.  From pink shoes on players in the N-F-L to pink fire trucks. There is a solid national movement addressing this need. In fact, this awareness push is so very easy to visibly support it that it only takes a pink ribbon to join the crowd. I have to say that awareness without action is not a suitable outcome. Thousands of east Texans have found a way to support this cause by wearing pink, but now the call to action has to gain just as much of a foothold and I fear that it will not be the case. Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women in America and unless a cure or more effective treatment is found the pink ribbons will all have been for naught.  And both of those solutions will take money. This response will have to rise up in each supporter to give financially or volunteer tirelessly – neither of which is easy to do or very public in nature. So the question is, what will the pink ribbon ultimately mean? A nice, clean memorial display or a summons for everyone involved to impact the statistics surrounding breast cancer ultimately finding a cure and saving lives and that will make this a Better East Texas.