Getting even gets technical

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - So big, bad company "X" does you dirty. What now? Gone are the days of some customer service representative putting you on hold for half an hour. Getting even is getting technical.

Dave Carroll spent much of last year spinning his wheels with United Airlines for a busted guitar so Carroll complained in song on YouTube. Millions heard and sounded off.

"One incident, one person, can have this huge effect on the reputation of a company these days," said Jason Hurley, with Group M7. "It's kind of scary."

A programmer and web developer, Hurley says part of his job is to make sure his clients are well-represented online. Thanks to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and social networking, Hurley is helping more companies respond to more people like Matt Egelhoff.

"There have been a couple of times where I've been ticked off enough to tell the world, 'This place screwed me over, and I don't like it,," said Egelhoff.

He is tweeting those frustrations. "If I do it in person, or I write a letter to the corporate office, then it's just going to be between me and them and I want other people to know that this place had bad service," he explained.

Companies are listening. Egelhoff follows Taco Bueno. "I just really love Taco Bueno," he said.

Taco Bueno monitors its Twitter feeds. If a follower complains, they respond.

"They usually apologize in public, on Twitter...and tell them how they can resolve their issue," said Egelhoff.

If Bueno likes a tweet, the Tweeter is sometimes named "Bueno Head of the Week."

Mechele Mills with the Better Business Bureau says consumer reviews are not always from credible consumers.

"[They can be from] the owner of the business's brother, sister, or relative...or whether it's a competitor business bashing another company," said Mills.

The BBB is also on Facebook and it is always good check in for a status update on a company.

"We've checked their criminal history, we checked if they have liens and judgements against them or bankruptcies," said Mills.

Our local BBB says East Texan's phoned in about 40,000 inquiries and complaints so far this year. 300,000 inquiries have been made online.

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