EMS volunteers to help couple stranded in El Paso

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texans are rallying to help a couple stuck in El Paso after a tragic accident.

Sharon Slayden has been riding horseback across the state for cancer awareness.  Last week she was hit by a truck near El Paso. After seeing her story, some EMS workers wanted to help.

They will bring Sharon back home to be with her family who couldn't be more grateful.

"Each day is a battle," said Deborah Bearce, Sharon's sister-in-law.

More than a week after the accident, Sharon Slayden has undergone multiple surgeries in an El Paso hospital.

"She's doing better but he's ready to get her home," said Deborah.

Bob Slayden's sister, Deborah, says Bob and Sharon acted as good Samaritans, helping an EMS worker fix a flat tire when she was hit by another driver. Sharon was revived at the scene by that EMS worker but is stranded far from home and in a lot of pain.

"Her leg's got a rod in it, her ribs were broke, and her lungs were collapsed," said Deborah. "Her pelvis is broke. Her feet are all messed up so it damaged her pretty good."

Tony Myers with ETMC EMS in Tyler was so touched by her story, they are donating their time and resources to bring Bob and Sharon home. As soon as they have the physicians' permission for transport, a crew will drive to El Paso.

"It's a pleasure, seriously," said Tony. "I think we have an obligation to this community and one another. We have the resources to do it. They don't have the resources to do it themselves so we're more than happy to help out."

Doris Crockett, just happens to know Deborah from Bible study and was able to connect ETMC with the family to make this all happen.

"I think divine appointments are happening everyday and that was one," said Doris.

Deborah wants to thank everyone who has been praying for Bob and Sharon and give the ETMC crew a special message.

"What a blessing y'all are and we just tremendously thank you," said Deborah. "We thank y'all so much. It's God's will."

Though her body may be broken, Deborah says that Sharon's spirit is strong, and once she is home she believes her recovery will speed up.

Deborah says Bob is already promising Sharon to buy her a new horse, once she is ready to ride again.

As for the driver who hit Sharon, DPS reports are still pending, which would show whether or not that driver had been drinking.

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