East Texas Family Dies In Plane Crash

Three East Texans have died in a Florida mid-air plane collision. The crash happened last night over Broward County, Florida.  That's near Deerfield Beach at Ft. Lauderdale. Several people on the ground witnessed the collision. Today, the coast guard recovered the bodies of all five people who were aboard the two small aircraft.  Thirty-nine year old Johnny "Mark" Willey who had recently relocated to Florida from Mt. Vernon, Texas was piloting one of the planes and died in the crash. His wife, 43 year old Susan Willey, formerly of Mt. Vernon, was also on the plane. And sadly, Mark's 12 year old daughter, Shelbi Willey, also died in the crash. Her aunt, Mark's sister, told us tonight Shelbi still lived in Pittsburg with her mother. She was down visiting her dad in Florida where he was attending flight school. The people in the other plane were Florida missionaries on their way back from the Bahamas.

Joe Terrell, reporting.