More flashing yellow arrows to be installed

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Flashing yellow arrows have been installed at two more Tyler intersections. This comes just days after an 80-year-old woman was hit and killed at one of those intersections.

Driver's be forewarned. You will probably be seeing more of them and not just in Tyler.

Add McDonald Road and Loop 323, as well as, Commerce and the Loop to the family of flashing lights.

"I like the arrows," said driver Tiffany Smith.

The government like the arrows, too. The flashing yellow arrow is now standard for all 50 states when it comes to traffic control devices. Research shows they are safer and improve traffic flow.

"I don't feel less safe," said Smith. "I feel about the same as anytime trying to drive through Tyler traffic."

In 2008, the first batch of flashing arrows starting popping up at some of Tyler's busiest intersections. Fewer accidents have been reported at the intersections of Broadway and Front Street, Copeland and the Loop, and Old Bullard and the Loop this year.

But, wrecks at Van Highway and the Loop and where South Broadway meets Chimney Rock and Donnybrook, accidents have actually gone up.

"It might be a surge of traffic volume," said Tyler's traffic engineer, Peter Eng. "It could be totally random, such as DWI accidents. You can't prevent those using traffic control devices."

Eng says that for now the green light remains on the yellow arrows. But, studies are always being done at those intersections.

"Anybody can make mistakes," said Eng. "At locations we think it'd be better off the other way, why shouldn't I consider that?"

You won't find them in the driver's ed manual, either...yet. But, Trooper Jean Dark says the rule of thumb is yellow means caution.

"Anytime you there's a new generally will take the public a bit of time to become familiar with it," said Dark.

Proceed with caution.

The City if Tyler is expected to introduce four more flashing yellow arrows soon. Officials are also planning another traffic study on the lights next summer.

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